SPOtlight Your Products

Take advantage of having the eyes of our entire staff of purchasing decision makers in one room and dazzle our attendees with your most irresistible offers at CES Connect Counter Day.

Let’s talk spiffs, product placement, and how to capitalize on Counter Day!

Spiff allowances









Don’t miss the opportunity to display sweet discounts, free freight, BOGO deals, or tempting raffle items to make sure your deals stand out in the crowd!


Spiff allowance is determined by your sponsorship package.

Deadline to submit spiffs is May 15, which must include a flyer we can share with attendees.

Spiffs should be valid from June 29 through July 12 to ensure our team has time to take advantage of your offers.

Mock branch


As soon as attendees step foot inside the trade show, they’ll be greeted by our mock City Electric Supply branch. Our mock branch puts your products in the spotlight; whether you choose to display product physically or digitally, attendees can easily envision your products on their shelves.

We have gondolas and loziers ready to be stocked, plus digital slat walls for you to claim. We debuted this digital slat wall at CES Connect 2022 with huge success and we’re excited to bring it back even bigger this year with two 5′ x 10′ and four 5′ x 6′ screens.

PHysical Merchandise

Platinum and gold priority deadline: April 15

Final deadline: May 15

Open first to platinum and gold sponsors with a commitment deadline of April 15.

Any unclaimed space after that is available to silver sponsors on a first-come, first-served basis.

To participate and save your space on the shelves, all we need is your commitment to bringing product. You will be responsible for getting the product to CES Connect.


  • A list of the product you're supplying
  • Return shipping selection

Digital Merchandise

Open to all sponsors.

Deadline to ship products: May 1

To participate, you’ll need to ship either product samples or product packaging to our headquarters so that we can merchandise and photograph for the digital displays.


  • A list of the product you're supplying
  • Return shipping selection

Display sizes by sponsorship level:

Platinum: Two 5′ x 10′ displays
Gold: One 5′ x 10′ and one 5′ x 6′ display
Silver: One 5′ x 10′ display
Bronze: One 5′ x 6′ display

Ship product to:  
400 S Record Street
Suite 400 
Dallas, TX 75202

*We are not able to accept pallet deliveries.